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Free standard delivery on orders over £30*


Looking for gifts which can be delivered straight to your door?

It can be really difficult to choose gifts for girls, but Her Next Smile is here to help.

Whether shopping for yourself or a girlfriend, friend or family member, show that you care with something special.


From jewellery to greetings cards, most items are unique and handmade, including the range of occasional cards, many of which feature hand-written titles. The jewellery range consists of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a wide variety of vibrant colours and styles. Items will be marked when sold and you may not see the exact same products in stock again, so be careful not to let anyone else snap it up!


Her Next Smile does not have a minimum delivery charge and we work with PayPal to ensure payments are dealt with professionally. Her Next Smile is based in England so delivery costs and times will differ depending on postage distance.

All items will be posted within 72 hours of order unless you are notified otherwise.

Quality standards are in place to ensure your item arrives in perfect condition, however items may arrive in slightly different colour shades than expected due to internet devices having different screen hues (this is due to calibration settings).


We place a high importance on providing high quality jewellery and design pieces. Each item is quality tested before delivery, although if the worst happens and an item breaks, we are here for you. We cannot be responsible for postage delays and/or postage accidents, although can help if damages occur.


In the case of a damaged bead or lobster clasp (etc), we would be more than happy to repair or replace

broken pieces free of charge and return them to you. This offer is available within two weeks of purchase (postage arrival delays will be considered also). Please contact us for more details.

Quality Guarantee


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