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By beccyjane, Jun 15 2017 03:05PM

Experience the world through the eyes of an explorer and never forget to add to your bucket list - there are so many incredible adventures to be had in this incredible world we live in!

1. Have a sleepover with Giraffes

Spend a night (or three!) with the giraffes in the Giraffe Manor Hotel located in Nairobi, Kenya. The manor house is "set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest" and is a great experience for those who love something a little different. Treat yourself - you deserve it! https://www.thesafaricollection.com/properties/giraffe-manor/

2. Visit Iceland's Springs

Take a dip in the incredible springs in Iceland. The nordic island is home to beautiful (and incredibly warm) geothermal waters and because there is so much to do and see, you should definitely stay for a few days and make the most of your trip!


3. Clear Canoe Travels

Take a journey in a clear-bottomed canoe (or a submarine!) for a mind-blowing birds eye view of the creatures lurking below the water. View the incredible fish from the safety of your canoe and see where the tide takes you! This can be done anywhere in the world, although clear waters will be the best for getting a perfect glimpse of the wonderful sea creatures this world has to offer.

This particular shot was taken in Bora Bora, Tahiti and shows a clear bottomed canoe over lemon sharks!

4. The Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

Visit the unique lava rocks for an amazing trip and the chance to have lunch cooked above the heat from the volcano! You will be show demonstrations of the high temperatures which "reach between 400°C and 600°C ... Dry brush thrown into a hole in the ground catches fire immediately, while water poured into a bore hole erupts seconds later in the form of steam - like a mini-geyser." - https://www.discoverlanzarote.com/timanfaya.asp

5. Extreme Picnicking

View the world from new heights during your next picnic and find out where you can have an extreme picnicking session locally!

6. Take Part in the Bristol Balloon Festival

"The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe's largest annual meeting of hot air balloons, attracting over 150 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe." - www.bristolballoonfiesta.co.uk/ Whether you are taking part of simply watching nearby sipping a cocktail, this is the perfect way to spend your time! The four day festival is an amazing sight to behold. If you don't fancy taking part in a festival, there are many hot air balloon companies worldwide and there is likely to be one near your local area which you can contact for prices and availability!

7. Watch the Northern Lights in Style

Did you know that there are rentable glass igloos in Finland where you can watch the incredible phenomenon that is the Northern Lights?! There are two bedroom and four bedroom igloos available with showers and saunas available in a nearby building and the Northern Lights season lasts from around 24th August until the end of April.


8. Walk Behind a Waterfall

Take a walk behind a waterfall for a unique and exciting experience! The waterfall shown below is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Scandanavia, Iceland, but there are many waterfalls which can be walked through across the world, including in Wales, UK.

9. Visit an Underwater Museum

This amazing museum is located in Cancun, Mexico and features over 470 statues which you can swim around! The museum tour costs $45 per adult and $22.50 per child and the fee covers all snorkelling equipment plus a tour guide!

"This 3 hour tour provides you with a 45 minute snorkel experience in the museum where you will also see the schools of fish, turtles, rays etc etc. After this, subject to timing and weather conditions, we will stop off at a second site which is full of marine life." - https://aquaworld.com.mx/en/tours/snorkel-in-the-cancun-underwater-museum-musa/

10. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

This tour takes you on a route of the incredible Waitomo glowworm caves in a cute little boat! "Enjoy the world famous boat ride under thousands of magical glowworms and become a part of over 120 years of cultural and natural history." - http://www.waitomo.com/Waitomo-Glowworm-Caves/

Witness the wonders for yourself and visit the tiny glowworms for a cost of $50 per adult and $23 for one child (and $16 to bring a second child along). The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

It may look a little like something out of a strange horror movie as the glowworms literally hang from the walls and ceilings throughout the caves.

We have added one extra bucket list idea for the high flying adventurers!

Warning: if heights make you queasy, look away now!

11. Ziplining in Haiti - 'A Dragon's Breath Flight Line'

"Enjoy breathtaking views as you zip down a flight line more than 2,600 feet long at speeds of 40-50 mph" with this amazing zipline experience in Labadee, Haiti. The take-off point is 500 feet above the beaches so this isn't one for those frightened of heights! Find out more here: http://bookings.royalcaribbean.co.uk/shoreExcursions/product/detail/view.do?ProductCode=ZL26&wuc=GBR

The experience (including a briefing, orientation, travelling to the zipline and having a go) lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes and prices start from £80.66 per person.

We hope you have been inspired to take a little adventure on your next get-away! Do you know of anymore exciting bucket list ideas that should be on this list or have you been to any of these places and have some photos to share? Comment below and let us know!

Please note: all photos have been collected from Pinterest. Have a look at our boards for more bucket list and travel inspirations: http://www.pinterest.com/hernextsmile

By beccyjane, Apr 24 2017 01:14PM

Hair is something that we all hope will last a lifetime. Over time, your luscious locks can become weak and lifeless. It starts to feel like you will never have strong and vibrant hair again… So, what can you do? Why not try some of our top tips and see how your hair becomes revitalised!

1. Change your shower routine

If you shower more than 2 or 3 times a week, use a hair grip to keep your hair out of the water every other day - your locks should not be washed more than 3 times in one week. Hot water can also be very damaging for hair and should be avoided.

2. Treat your hair to some cold water

Next time you have a bath or shower, try (quickly) washing your hair with some cold water. Depending on how you deal with the cold, use a little or a lot. If the water is too cold on your scalp, you may collapse from shock... but otherwise, this simple trick revitalises your roots and after a few washes you should start to notice the difference with shinier and smoother hair.

Some tried and tested techniques for using minimum amounts of cold water:

In the shower, turn down the temperature slightly (while facing the shower head away from your skin!) and rinse the water over your hair. Brush it through and repeat. Perfecting this technique will mean the water never touches your skin, although for those not a fan of the cold, this works with even with just a splash of cold water. Don't forget to use a hair grip to keep your cold hair off your skin while you get out of the shower!

3. Massage your scalp

When using conditioner, massage it into your scalp to help it work its way to your roots. This process allows the conditioner to work better, while the massage strengthens your scalp. It's important to be quite rough and not gentle with your roots - as long as you don't end up with a headache! The more often you massage, the stronger your hair will become, preventing strands from falling out. This will in time lead to thicker hair.

4. Use less of the heat products

I remember hearing about a girl at high school who's hair was thinning because of heat-overuse and I just couldn't believe it - could this really be possible for a teenager? After walking by her in the corridor one day, I saw for myself that the years of keeping up her 'signature look' of pencil-straight bleached blonde hair had not been kind to her.

Many people get out of the shower/bath and are straight over to their hairdryer. Hair hates the heat, especially when it is still damp. Hair also doesn't react particulary well to be wrapped in a towel (often referred to as a ‘turban towel’).

Instead of doing this, try dabbing your hair with a dry towel and massaging the roots. A common misconception is that putting your hair in a towel is enough to fully dry it, however, it is worth releasing your hair occasionally and brushing it through. Maybe put it up in a clip – this allows it to dry naturally while keeping your damp hair off your neck. With enough time, this method will completely dry your hair, but if you have places to be and must use a hair dryer, at least use the lowest heat setting to prevent causing damage.

The same goes with straighteners… although for unruly curly hair, the oils and proteins in avocados have incredible powers in smoothing the hair (apparently…). I cannot say I have tried this myself, but all you have to do is mash up an avocado and apply it to clean, damp hair. Just don’t forget to wash it out! If you're not feeling adventurous, invest in some heat-defence spray and follow the instructions to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy.

5. Stop using tight bobbles

Many ballerinas who tie their hair up tightly every day can tell you that after a while, your hair will begin to pull from the roots, leaving bald patches which can often be painful. Before using a hair bobble, always give it a stretch (like you would do with a balloon!) to loosen the elastic.

Many people find it effective to tie their hair up before bed time to prevent waking up with a face full of hair, or worse, getting spots from oils in the hair rubbing against your skin. While it is useful for many reasons, try tying your hair in a simple plait before bed instead of doing a ponytail or bun as these can pull hair out and lead to headaches if tied too tightly.

These are not one-off cures for luscious locks!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to improve the quality of your locks. They need repeating and are not a one-off cure for getting healthy hair. Over time, you should start to notice the benefits as your hair becomes shinier and stronger, meaning the strands will break less easily, leaving you with thick and luscious locks.

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