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Broken Cord Repair


If you need a necklace or bracelet cord fixing, look no further! Please read the Service Notes at the bottom of this description before placing your order.

• This service is for repairing elastic or cord jewellery only. For anything else, please complete the form on our repairs page. The price of this service includes 1 standard lobster clasp (if necessary) and the use of calottes and/or superglue to secure the item.

Stringing Materials
We can use any of the following stringing materials to fix your item! You can leave your choice in the contact form on the order confirmation page once you have paid for this service. If you do not specify a choice, either clear mono-filament or elastic will be used, depending on what was already used for the item in question and what we think will be best to prevent it breaking again!
• Mono filament  (0.3mm) - strong, clear cord that is not elasticated
• Strong & Stretchy (0.5mm, 0.6mm or 8mm) - clear elasticated cord
• Crystal Tec (0.8mm) elasticated cord - available in yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and black
• Elastic (1mm) - clear elasticated cord
- All materials will be secured with superglue plus crimp beads where possible.

Jewellery Thread Ends
We have the following clasps available for fixing your item. After ordering, you can specify which you would like to be used in the contact form on the service order confirmation page. If you do not leave a specification, we will use the same ends as were already used or what we think will be stronger.
1. Standard jewellery calotte crimps
2. Calotte crimps with a hook
3. Box clasps - a square clasp for flat ends
4. Small rounded thread ends - used for fabric and material cords
5. A larger rounded thread ends - used for thick fabric and material cords
6. Spiral lace ends - generally for thicker materials, such as rounded faux leather cords
- All thread ends will be secured with a dab of superglue unless you request otherwise.

Service Notes:
• At the checkout, you will be required to pay for postage to cover the cost of delivery for posting your item back to you in a material organza bag and protective bubble wrap envelope.
• Upon ordering this service, you will receive an email containing Her Next Smile's postal details for sending your item to. This will incur the cost of an envelope and stamp.
• Securely package the item when posting it so no damage occurs during its journey to us. Bubble wrap is perfect for delicate items. We advise you post the item via recorded delivery so you can obtain proof when we receieve it, although this isn't essential as we will contact you when it arrives. We cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages in the post so please understand that sending items for repair is undertaken at the customers own risk.

Please note that after receiving an item, it may turn out that we cannot actually fix it. In this instance, we will contact you immediately via your preferred contact method, your payment will be refunded and your item will be returned to you. Otherwise, we may be able to suggest modifications that could be made to improve the look of your item.